Modern Luxury with Practical Features - luxury C1 three-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Modern Luxury with Practical Features

Imagine a space that’s more than just built—it comes with a focus on elegance and practicality. That’s what you get with the C1 floor plan at Allora Georgetown, where luxury comes in every small detail. Spanning a large total area with three bedrooms, this apartment is perfect for those who value both space and style. The design of this floor plan gives you plenty of room to breathe, entertain, and live comfortably. It mixes modern luxury with practical features that suit all parts of your life. Join us as we go along this virtual tour of one of our luxury

Modern Spacious Living

The C1 floor plan is impressive with its spacious 1,367 SF of space, thoughtfully arranged to include three comfortable bedrooms. Each bedroom serves as a private haven. All of them are ideal for sleeping, relaxing, or even working quietly. This layout works great for families, roommates, or anyone who needs extra space for guests. The large amount of space is not just about having more room. It offers more opportunities to decorate and make each area your own. It ensures that elegance goes hand in hand with personal style and practicality.

Luxury Features

The two bathrooms in the C1 floor plan combine elegance with luxury. Each showcases smooth granite countertops that enhance both the look and durability of the space. These countertops are not only attractive but also tough enough for everyday use. This makes them ideal for busy homes. Designed to feel like a spa, these bathrooms transform everyday routines into refreshing experiences. With plenty of storage and stylish fixtures, these bathrooms mix the upscale with style. They give you a touch of elegance every time you use them.

Practical Gourmet Inspirations

The kitchen in the C1 floor plan is a chef’s dream, complete with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops as well. Whether you’re whipping up a quick breakfast or hosting a big dinner party, this kitchen is up to the task. The stainless steel appliances are both stylish and reliable. The granite countertops add a luxurious touch while being easy to clean. The smart layout means everything is easily accessible, making cooking a breeze without compromising on style. This kitchen is a place where you can make both delicious meals and lasting memories. All of this in a setting of contemporary elegance.

Living in the C1 floor plan at Allora Georgetown means experiencing a lifestyle that perfectly blends space with luxury. This apartment provides more than just room to move around in comfort. It gives you space to grow and thrive. From the large bedrooms and stylish bathrooms to the high-end kitchen, every part of the C1 ensures a stylish way of living. Here, upscale living is more than just an idea; it’s a real part of everyday life. This floor plan makes every moment at home more luxurious, comfortable, and stylish. Our homes at Allora Georgetown boast modern luxury with practical features. Take a tour of our luxury C1 floor plan today!